Goree Whitening Soap


Goree Whitening Soap is a combination of synthetic and organic ingredients. Its the best skin lightener with optimal skin penetrating base



Skin whitening creams give best results at night because we are less exposed to dust, sun rays, and pollution and sweats as well. Goree whitening day/ Night cream gives best result for your skin type. It also works well at day time, but it takes longer to achieve better results during day hours.

Goree whitening creams has come with natural formula that suits your skin and gives gradual whitening effects to your face. Before buying Goree products consult our dermatologist online at www.goreecosmetics.com to know your skin type and product usage according to your skin. Before buying any Goree product makes sure you buy original product. (Read about checklist of original packaging.)

Goree whitening day/night cream is dermatologically tested and you can trust original Goree product.
It reduces ultraviolet pigmentation and leaves finer texture of your facial skin. It contains moisturizer which is sufficient to make your entire day fresh.


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